The Future of Electronic Payments, Ticketing and Loyalty Programs


A scenario-Sometime in the near future …..

Brian and his family are preparing for a much-needed vacation. This year they are heading for Orlando, Florida to enjoy the theme parks, restaurants, events and other attractions for a week of fun in the sun. While researching their upcoming vacation at the Orlando Visitor’s Bureau website, Brian spotted an interesting link for the “Orlando Electronic Pass (ePass)”. This ePass offer included tickets, passes, discounts, audio / video tours, coupons, special offers and even a secure electronic wallet for their vacation money. For $ 50 per Orlando ePass, Brian and his family would receive approximately $ 700 worth of discounts and passes at some of their favorite places including all theme parks, all the major hotels, restaurants, cinemas, gift shops and local events. Also included in the Orlando ePass are videos of Orlando that can be viewed and listened to on the Orlando ePass since it is also an audio (mp3) and video (mp4) player. So Brian orders four Orlando ePasses and is informed that he can pick them up at the Orlando Welcome Desk at the Orlando International Airport upon arrival.

When Brian and his family arrive at the Orlando Welcome Desk at the airport, Brian and his wife present their photo IDs to the hostess at the desk. Since Brian already has an Apple iPhone she gives him a little Orlando key fob with a fingerprint sensor. She gives each of the others a very cool looking little mp3 / mp4 player device on an Orlando lanyard, with a fingerprint sensor and a LCD screen. She explains to them that both forms of the Orlando ePass are their portable electronic concierge and will be their electronic pass (Orlando ePass) to everything they want to do in Orlando. It will communicate with standard contactless RFID at most turnstiles and cash registers.

It will communicate with handheld computers in the theme parks as well. It can also be connected to any computer by standard USB port for downloading additional tickets, cash, audio files, videos, information and coupons and is completely secure. It also plays standard mp3 music and other audio files and plays standard avi (audio-video interleave) format video / movies. Brian’s Orlando ePass key fob pairs easily to his iPhone by Bluetooth. He then downloads a meWallet® application from the iTunes ™ app store that allows his iPhone to do most of the same functions as the family’s mp3 player devices.

They can see what is in the Orlando ePass by reading the LCD screen on the front of the ePass or on the iPhone. Brian and each of the family members are quickly shown how to register their fingerprint into the ePasses. After they have registered their fingerprints, the Orlando ePass are their. From then on, only the person who is registered on the device can make it work. The Orlando hostess also explains to them that the Orlando ePass is equipped with Auto-Redemption ™ , which means that any coupons are available to discount a purchase will automatically be used at the register when paying and any passes available will be utilized automatically as well. She tells them that they can see all their tickets, cash, coupons, passes and data at any time on the Orlando ePass’s screen or the iPhone’s screen and that they do not have to remember to use the coupons. This is all done for them.

The hostess requests Brian if he would like to have electronic cash loaded into the Orlando ePasses. She informs him that they will be able to pay for anything at the majority of businesses in the Orlando area with the Orlando ePass. If the Orlando ePass is lost or stolen there will still be a central record of all the data including eCash on the Orlando ePass and it can be easily replaced. Charging it to a credit card as a purchase from the Orlando Visitor’s Bureau, Brian has $ 350 put in his and his wife’s Orlando ePasses and $ 50 in each of the kid’s ePasses.

At the same time Brian buys the three-day Disney World passes, one day at Universal Studios and one day at Wet ‘n Wild. All of these eTickets are loaded into the ePasses at the Visitor Desk in seconds. Brian also sees that his reservations for the rental car and for the hotel are in the Orlando ePass as well as a complete dinner at Boston Lobster Fest for that evening. Also included with their new Orlando ePasses is a small SD memory card with a video tour of Orlando’s ‘ Best Bets’ on it. Brian can download these same video tours to his iPhone. The whole family can watch this video on their Orlando ePasses to see all the great possibilities available in the Orlando area.

At the rental car desk, Brian merely taps his Orlando ePass at the contactless reader at the Tap and Drive kiosk and his rental car keys down down into the tray. The location and make of the car is displayed on the LCD screen of his iPhone. Also displayed is a notice that he has been given an upgrade because of a coupon identified in his Orlando ePass during the transaction. He also sees that he has been given an additional coupon for an upgrade the next time he rents a car from this agency and a coupon for a half-price dinner at any Olive Garden restaurant.

When Brian and his family arrive at the hotel, he taps the Orlando ePass at the NFC-RFID Tap ‘n’ Check-in kiosk at the hotel. He is asked to have each member of his family tap their ePasses to the NFC-RFID reader on the kiosk as well. Now all the family’s ePasses can be used to open the door to their room. No other room keys are necessary. Additionally, during the process of making the Orlando ePass a room key, Brian’s Orlando ePass is sent 4 coupons for free Florida orange juices at the hotel restaurant and half price on a special selection of gifts at the hotel gift shop.

After putting their bags in their rooms and changing, the family goes down to the restaurant to have some lunch before heading to Ripley’s Museum. Everyone orders orange juice to use their coupons, but they also have a full lunch. At the register, Brian holds his Orlando ePass on the Tap and Pay reader. Brian can see on the LCD screen of his meWallet ™ enabled iPhone that the orange juice coupons are automatically redeemed and the reminder of the bill is paid for using Brian’s prepaid account in the ePass. An electronic receipt for the meal is sent back to the Orlando ePass as well as a coupon for a half-price hamburger next time they come to the restaurant. All data sent to Brian’s Orlando ePass is displayed on his phone.

As they are walking through the hotel lobby, they notice an Orlando Concierge Kiosk. Brian’s daughter taps her Orlando ePass on the NFC-RFID reader. The large screen on the kiosk displays a list of available coupons and promotions. She chooses Ripley’s Museum and requests for 4 coupons for their 4 ePasses. The kiosk display instructions her to hold her Orlando ePass to the reader and for each of the other group members to do the same. In less than a second, she is given a 20% off coupon for Ripley’s as well as a coupon for 10% off in the Ripley’s gift shop. Each family member follows suit and is given the same.

At Ripley’s Museum, Brian tells the man in the ticket booth that he would like 4 tickets and that each of his family members has a coupon. The attendant in the ticket booth asks Brian if he would like interactive audio / video tour cards for their Orlando ePasses. The man explains that with this little SD card in their ePasses they will be able to tap at readers through the museum and then see and hear interesting facts about the different exhibits, receive special offers and enhance their museum experience. Brian says, “Yes”, and the attendant provides each of them with a Ripley’s micro-SD memory card with a complete video tour. Each of the micro-SD cards are inserted into the SD card slot in the ePasses or downloaded as a video to Brian’s iPhone. Brian pays with his Orlando ePass and an electronic receipt and additional coupons are sent back to him. Each family member taps the reader at the register and their discount coupon coupon is redeemed and additional coupons are sent to them.

The next day, Brian and his family drive out to Disney World. At the turnstile, each person taps their Orlando ePass on the NFC-RFID reader. During that action, the tickets are authenticated and 5 discount coupons are sent to each ePass. By reading the electronic coupons on their LCD screens, Brian and his family can see that each person has received different coupons that relate to things that they like. Each person gets a discount coupon for a meal, each person gets a Fastpass ™ coupon for a favorite ride, and 3 different discount coupons for theme gift shops. As they go through their day at the park they use their ePasses to pay for their meals and gifts and are given additional coupons during every transaction.

Just inside the park Brian notices a video tour booth. At this booth, Brian purchases four Walt Disney World tour SD cards for their Orlando ePasses. The pre-recorded, interactive tours are activated by tapping any of the RFID readers located through the park. The tours can also be activated by tapping the play button on the ePass’ menu. When they hold the ePass against a RFID tap n ‘tour post then can also receive, electronically, special custom Disney offers like restaurant coupons and Fastpass ™ coupons. At one of the gift shops, Brian’s daughter Sophia sees a new Disney World Special Hannah Montan a music SD card with the latest Hannah Montana songs and videos. Sophia purchases this using her Orlando ePass, plugs it into the micro SD card slot, plugs in her headset and off she goes happily listening to the recording.

One time while paying at a restaurant, Brian’s wife is sent a notice to her Orlando ePass that there is a very short line at Its A Small World . So they hurry over to that ride.

During their second day at Disney, Brian’s son wanders off and they can not find him. Often he remembers to tap his Orlando ePass at a tap n ‘ Tour Post- a-point-of-sale (POS) terminal in the Park and the Park staff finds him immediately and re-unites him with his parents.

One evening, Brian and the family decide to go to the movies. Brian purchases the tickets at the Concierge Kiosk and receives discount coupons for popcorn for the whole family. At the cinema, Brian just taps his Orlando ePass at the turnstile as does each of the family members. The eTickets are validated and everyone gets in. Everyone is given additional coupons as well including discount coupons for the Outlet Mall. Everyone wants popcorn for the movie, so Brian buys the popcorn and pays with his ePass. The discount coupons are automatically used and the remaining total for the popcorns is deducted from the ePass. Of course, a receipt is sent back to the ePass.

During their week in the Orlando area, Brian and his family use their Orlando ePass extensively. They use them for everything from paying at restaurants, buying gifts, watching videos, listening to music, accessing their hotel rooms and redeeming discount coupons. They save a cumulative total of $ 825 by utilizing these discounts, but they did have to purchase an additional suitcase at the Outlet Mall to carry back some of the items that they had not planned to purchase.

Once home, Brian receives an email letting him know that that their Orlando ePass is also known as ultra-secure ™ meWallet® System idPlayer ™ and idFob ™ smart devices (idGadget ™ devices) and that they can be used at numerous websites for authentication, payment and downloading of tickets. He is also sent a list of stadiums, cinemas, venues, shopping malls, stores and restaurants that accept the meWallet® System’s idGadget ™ devices. cell phone.

Brian also learns that he can use the idFob ™ device, connected to his PC via his USB port, to authenticate himself at the Tickethub or eBay website and can securely pay with his idFob ™ device that is just purchased. He can also download the digital tickets electronically to his idFob ™ device and iPhone and use them to get into the concert. When he downloads the Stones tickets and enter the concert venue, he is also given customized digital coupons for fan merchandise and food at the venue. After the concert he uses one of his VIP coupons to purchase a micro SD card with a video of the entire concert at a special booth in the venue for his kids.

By using his idFob ™ device and iPhone ™ for online single sign on authentication and transactions he no longer has to type in usernames, passwords, contact information or credit card data. His data is always secure since everything traveling between his idFob ™ device and the rest of the world is encrypted at military levels. Vendors and avenues are sure that their customer is who he says he is since Brian is the only person that can make his idFob ™ device with iPhone function.

Brian is also able to load his children’s allowances into their idPlayer ™ devices. He is able to set special parameters in the idPlayer ™ device to control their spending and purchases online and at the shopping mall.

If one of his children’s idPlayer ™ devices is lost, it is no problem. A record of everything in the idPlayer ™ device is on a secure server and the idPlayer ™ device can be quickly and easily replaced with exactly what was in it when it was lost. Since the registered finger print is required to activate the idPlayer ™ devices, no one can use the lost devices.

When Brian and his wife go grocery shopping, they now go first to the grocery store website. Brian’s wife connects her idPlayer ™ smart device to the computer and authenticates herself at the site. She is immediately offered coupons that relate to her families preferences. She can download, to the idPlayer ™ device, all the coupons she wishes to use. At the grocery store all coupons are redeemed automatically at the checkout. She can also pay with her idPlayer ™ device. During check out, she is also given new personalized coupons and offers from the grocery store and associated merchants.

Next year, Brian’s children will be able to use their idPlayer ™ devices at school to pay for lunches and to access special areas of the school campus.

Brian and his family use their idPlayer ™ and idFob ™ devices almost everyday for just about all their online and off-line transactions. At work, Brian is able to securely move encrypted files from one computer to another and to access controlled areas of the company network using his idFob ™. He and his wife also use their idGadget ™ devices to access their eBay accounts. They can even securely download some of the money earned from their eBay business directly from their PayPal account into their idPlayer ™ device. Brian’s wife chooses the DVDs to rent at the website and downloads the rental codes to her idPlayer ™ device. At the local Safeway, she picks up the DVDs at the Movie Kiosk by taping her Orlando Orlando ePass to the reader on the kiosk. The kiosk delivers her DVD rentals and sends her additional personalized coupons for use at the Safeway while she is there as well. The whole family uses their idPlayer ™ devices as mp3 and mp4 players as well. They can now pay for and then download mp3 music files to their idPlayer ™ devices at their favorite online music vendors all with the same little device and all with complete security.

As the years go on, Brian and his family will find that they are able to use their ultra-secure ™ meWallet® System idPlayer ™ and meWallet® System enabled cell phones in more and more locations and for more purposes including a variety of loyalty programs . Their idGadget ™ devices become their driver’s licenses and secure passes for the FastTrack line at airport security.

They are able to secure and confidently keep their medical and related insurance records on a special ultra-secure ™ idPlayer ™ device provided by their primary physician and sponsored by their local hospital. It eliminates the need to fill out forms through the health care system, helps their pharmacist to identify conflicting prescriptions and can quickly provide important information in an emergency.


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