Wireless Internet Cards – Connecting to the World


If you’re intending to work with wireless internet cards, it would be best to have a solid foundation on how it works. This will allow you to maximize its potential. To understand the mechanism that drives the internet card, you must start with knowing how wireless internet works.

Wireless internet works more closely like how radios and cell phones do. It capitalizes on radio waves. It is different than the usual digital subscriber line (DSL) which sends data through a phone line.

In a Wi-Fi hotspot, data are exchanged through a wireless router. The router is connected to the regular phone line. It has the capability of converting data from the binary form to radio waves. For wireless devices like laptops, some desktops and PDAs to detect those radio waves, it is necessary that they have a wireless internet card or a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI). This peripheral accessory converts radio waves from routers back into the binary form for the wireless device to understand the data. Then the whole process is reversed if the laptop, desktop or PDA is sending data back to the router.

There are computer devices that come with PCI while others need to have one installed. Visiting your nearby computer sales and service shop, you’d discover that there many varieties of PVI network adapters which are also known as form factors.

The most common form factors are the mini PCI and the PCI wireless adapter card. The mini PCI is commonly used for laptop computers while the latter is used in desktops. Most of these form factors are pre-installed inside the unit. You may choose however, to have an external internet adapter. You just have to inquire at the computer shop of they have a form factor with a USB connection.

You may also want to try out other labels such as the PC Card or ExpressCard designations. If you compare the two technologies, form factors communicate with the computer or laptop through its bus while PC Card adapters will just easily fit into the laptop’s slot. Many users prefer the latter due to its compact and thin design. In fact, the latest in Express Card is replacing PC Card adapters.

USB keys may also be used as broadband adapters. They look just like any memory sticks or flash drives. It’s so easy to use. Just stick it to your computer’s port and you’re ready to roll. This is the reason why there is a fast-growing customer base for this product.

Mobile phones and PDAs have also their unique wireless internet card. BlackBerry developed their WCF or Wireless CompactFlash while Verizon Wireless, the nation’s biggest provider for mobile telecommunications, offers many varieties of internet adapters. Their 4G USB modem is the fastest USB key type adapter. Other devices and products they have enhances the use of different phone and internet devices like iPhones, Smartphones, Home Phone Connect, iPads, tablets, netbooks, etc.


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